About me

"Why do something halfheartedly, when you can do it wholeheartedly?”

I am a small person with big ambition and when I do something, whatever it is, I always like to complete it no matter how challenging it might be.

So why Fashion Styling and Make-up? For me, it is the fascination and the genuine interest and joy of capturing and working with fashion and people.

I love the challenge that life presents. Experimenting innovation with light and shadows, created by the human form, manipulating colors and shapes, all underpin my creative motivation. As I am a spontaneous and impulsive person I believe it is the challenge of innovation and the homogenous and dynamic human body and face that makes me so passionate about working with fashion.

Fashion is about capturing something both visually and mentally beautiful and appealing. I want to convey both a specific feeling and an individual expression that manifests itself clearly in an aesthetic way and causes a reaction and a specific feeling to the observer.

-  I'm greedy to learn and develop my knowledge and skills and I love challenges!

Come and challenge me :)